May 2 at 10:10pm ยท 
Yesterday on the flight from Chicago to Boulder Colorado I was seated next to a man and his young son. the wife and daughter were seated behind them. to pass the time I offered him a copy of Daysiey the Daisy which he read out loud to his Son. and then passed it back to his wife and their daughter . When finished with the book the boy asked his father for a piece of paper on which to draw. he pulled out a box of crayons and started coloring airplanes, copying them from the back of them inflight magazine. When he was done he told his dad then he would sell the picture of airplane for $5. When the second airplane he drew was done he turned the paper over and wrote his name on it then whispered something to his dad. The man leaned over and told me that the boy would like for me to have the picture. I assume that the boy would have valued this picture also at $5, but the going rate for any picture is at least a thousand words. To this new collector of that young man's art, however, this one is priceless.

 And there is more to it even. The boy began a third drawing of an airplane. The father really engaged me for the rest of the trip and as a thank you to the boy, artist to artist, I did a 60 second line sketch of him drawing. Next to the sketch I wrote "Patrick draws airplanes on an airplane." His father had to .read it to him a couple of times but then the boy would say it then laugh. Sprinkled through the rest of the conversation the boy would look at the paper repeat the phrase and laugh. When it became urgent that the drawing supplies be put away for landing the boy surrendered all of the papers to his father except for the one with my sketch of him. that stayed in his hand until we landed and then finally went into his own backpack. 

This little story seems to want some sort of ending. A moral, or lesson learned and perhaps that is in there somewhere . but the thing that I came away with was the joy of sharing a moment in art and trading a piece of art for another. It was a good day.