The Adventures of YOU

By W. Alan Williams

Imagine a children's style book written and illustrated by W. Alan Williams for you and all about you or someone in your life.   The main character(s) could be anyone that you. know.  Did your best friend climb a mountain? Did your folks just take their second honeymoon?  Did your kids have an adventure, real or imagined, that you would like to commemorate?  Did you, as a child, have an experience that you would like to recapture?

This is the place to do it.  I will work with you to flesh out your story and then create six to eight original pieces of art to illustrate your story

The Adventures of Lawrence the Camel

By W. Alan Williams

The gift of a wooden camel and a little imagination lead to a childhood of amazing adventures for a special little girl named Isabel

City of Rockford

in 3D Papervision

A pop-up book celebrating Rockford, IL

Alice in Wonderland

by Lewis Carrol,  Adapted by Tony Vezner

A young girl in Victorian England, named Alice is dreaming and dozing by the river when she sees a white rabbit in a vest and carrying a pocket watch.  He slips down a hole in the ground, and intrigued she follows and her adventures begin

Daysie the Daisy

by James D. McDowell

"Imagine, if you will, a field of Daisies,"  all of them white and all of them happy with their same-ness and uniformity until one day Daysie, the Daisy, shakes things up a bit by wishing for color and diverstiy

The Girl Who Shined the Moon

By W. Alan Williams

It's a hot summer day.  Two young girls have an adventure

The Girl Who Drank The Moon

by Bryan C. Williams

A young girl is sent to bed without her supper.  She comiserates with her stuffed bear and the full moon which hangs outside her window.  The moon rewards her with the gift of its' light which fills her tea cup with a delightfully tasty liquid.  The moon returns to her bedroom window every night to refill her cup and she notices that the moon is becoming smaller and smaller.  She is saddened that she is drinking the moon away, but cannot stop.